Cool Spaces: Breadway Bakery

This was written for VISI. You can view it here.

Image credit: Mikhail Loskutov

Say hello to Breadway Bakery, where breakfasts, lunches and freshly baked goods are enjoyed amidst pastel pinks and shades of blue.

Located in the middle of Odessa, Ukraine, this whimsical café was designed by Lera Bromine and Artem Trigubchak.  Lera was tasked with the conceptual design while Artem tackled the technicalities and the realisation of the interiors. Their brief was to create a welcoming environment that made its patrons want to linger a little longer. It is a fanciful space that boasts an alluringly playful palette of brilliant colours and bold textures.

The grand 85 m² bakery features towering ceilings donning custom-made chandeliers and specially designed, built-in furniture. It is divided into three sections, each of which has its own function. The intense blue is the take-away area. A pink box in the centre of the space functions as a welcoming waiting area. The light grey area offers patrons a cosy space for washing down a crunchy-soft croissant with a steamy cappuccino.

See more projects by Lera and Artem.


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