Cool Spaces: Chic Florence Apartment

This was written for VISI. You can view it here.

Image credit: Matteo Zita/Iuri Niccolai

Located in the heart of Florence, Italy is a minimalist gem designed by Pierattelli Architetture that boasts an unrivalled view of the famed Ponte Vecchio.

Spacious for compact living at 130 m2, the lounge of this single-storey stunner boasts two off-centre pivot windows that give the illusion of space by welcoming the most iconic picture-frame view of Florenceā€™s Old Bridge.

A real-time painting of sorts, the sounds of the rushing river and beams of natural light pleasantly flood the apartment keeping the bustle of the city close enough to enjoy but far enough to experience tranquility.

Pierattelli Architetture approached the design with the aim of creating an interior that whispered luxury as opposed to shouting opulence. Intricate detailing on furnishings custom-built by local artisans reveals a keen eye for attention to detail. Calming hues of white and blue allow for statement pieces such as Flos lighting fixtures and Knoll furniture to take centre stage, while not detracting from the calming ambience.

See more projects by Pierattelli Architetture, here.

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