Cool Spaces: Shoreline Waikiki by BHDM

This was written for VISI. You can view it here.

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Say hello to one of the most Instagrammable island hotels you’ve ever seen; a place where nature and neon collide. This is Shoreline Waikiki in Honolulu.

Shoreline Waikiki was designed by US design studio BHDM and is found where the city vibes of Honolulu give way to the silver, sand-covered shores of magical Waikiki.

Its design embodies the aloha spirit. An electric rainbow colour palette dances across every surface. Murals, neon lights and brightly coloured parrots don walls and hang happily from the roof. Grab a colourful hat straight off the wall and enjoy a scoop of fruit-flavoured ice on your way to the pristine beaches.

Pick your new home: be it a queen, king, double or junior suite. Each is dressed in bold primary colours with pops of pink, turquoise, green and crisp white and offers custom Missana furniture for luxurious lazing. After dark, you can enjoy summery nights lounging on a bright pool doughnut beneath cascading neon light.

The reception area features impressive white leaf installations that lull gently in the ocean breeze. And if this surreal design wasn’t amazing enough, let’s not forget that it is bordered by beautiful Waikiki views.

Love the design of this island getaway? See other projects by BHDM, here.

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