Dolce & Gabbana’s Venice Store

This was written for VISI. You can view it here.

Image credit: Antoine Huot

Paris studio CARBONDALE’s design of Dolce & Gabbana’s flagship Venice store is an aesthetic love affair between brand and city. 

Eric Carlson of CARBONDALE set out to deliver a uniquely romanticised and luxurious retail experience that embodies the cultural authenticity and traditions that both Dolce & Gabbana and Venice share. Spanning 800-square-metres, the double-storey structure is an alluring harmony between contemporary and neo-Venetian Renaissance styles.

Created for a powerhouse brand renowned for contrasts, it is only fitting that the interior and exterior designs heighten this brand ethos by juxtaposing the old and new. Step inside the grand space and you will find that each room is dressed in different finishes and rich palettes of colour. Eric’s modern designs celebrate and accentuate traditional Venetian craftsmanship techniques.

The regal space boasts 14 rooms, each opulent beyond measure, with features that include intricately patterned inlays, various marbles, semi-precious stone facades, silk damasks, delicate fabric weaves and hand-blown Murano glass by the Seguso family. Hand-carved wooden detailing decks the walls and ceilings while mosaic glass stones dressed in 24-karat gold cover the floors. Designer furniture pieces either cleverly fade into their surroundings or mirror the historical ambience.

Love this space? See more designs by CARBONDALE, here.

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