Aquafresh Pure White Campaign Newsletter

This was written for Beauty Bulletin.

It’s time to meet your smile’s soul mate!

A healthy smile is the best thing a person can wear, and protecting yours is a priority. We get it. A quick-fix, harsh whitening product that damages your enamel simply won’t do. You’re looking for a long-term relationship that sees your smile gently restored to its natural-white glory over time, whilst being protected and strengthened. We’ve got good news for you: we think we’ve found The One! Introducing your new bathroom bae, Aquafresh Pure White.

If you’re looking for a toothpaste that provides a balance of protection AND whitening, doesn’t damage your enamel, ensures your smile is protected from stains, and restores your smile to its natural-white glory over time, then Aquafresh Pure White might be the perfect partnership for you! #GentleIsRealStrength

The #GentleIsRealStrength Challenge
We’ve recruited 250 brushers and their similarly smile-concerned partners to put Aquafresh Pure White to the test. See what they have to say about Aquafresh Pure White for yourself: <link>

Want to know more? Make sure you join our #GentleIsRealStrength Insta-Party and stand a chance to WIN!

The #GentleIsRealStrength Insta-Party is where you’ll have all your burning questions about Aquafresh Pure White and its effectiveness answered by real people that have trialed it themselves.

Keep a look out for our save the date newsletter!

Chat to you soon!

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