Welcome to It’s Cuntroversial – your slice of the Woke Wide Web, an amorphous online entity for all things mental health, inclusive culture, and eco-friendly living. 

Brought to you by your highly-sensitive host, the anxiety-managing cucumber, the feature journalist and content writer, the personal trainer in training, the wildly undefinable, Cheri Fucking Morris (the “Fucking” is silent).

I’m an environmentalist, intersectional feminist, and an anti-racist that fucks deeply with self-actualisation, inclusivity, body neutrality, self-love, destigmatising mental health issues, and social justice activism.

So unbutton your pants and unpack your emotional baggage, because I’m dedicated to arranging words as best I can to help you navigate the world a little more informed and a little more inspired.

And it isn’t spelled wrong. I meant cuntroversial. Why would I want to use such a “profane” word in the title of this most wondrous blog? Simply put: because I’m a cunt. Bear with me now, I’m not using that word in the way you think.

There’s no profanity in my tone, no pejorative to be repulsed by. I’m using it in its primordial form, the way it was always intended to be used.

You see, the c-word was not always the worst. The c-word is just another victim of misogynistic appropriation and it’s original meaning sees it deserving of an honourary resurrection. Learn its etymology, here.

I’m reclaiming the word in the name of all the cunts that have gone before me, all those who stand with me, and all those yet to cum. I’m reclaiming it in the names of “witches” burned at the stake, in the names of Black nursemaids forced to breastfeed white babies in slave-time America, and in the names of transgendered people having their lives threatened on the daily.

I’m reclaiming it in the name of women that have backstreet abortions because of heartbeat bills, in the name of every Black, Brown, and Indigenous person that lives in our white supremacist society, and in the name of women and girls that can say #METOO.

I’m reclaiming it in the name of every marginalised community and person, in the name of every voiceless sentient being and the natural world that sustains all life, in the name of equality.

While there will be content that leaves you light with laughter and ease, with plenty of memes to send to your besties, I’m mostly here to write about important stuff. I’m here to share what I’ve learned in the hopes that it’ll inspire you to feel better, and be better.

I’m here to talk about things that make your stomach churn. I’m here to tell stories that make people acknowledge their privileges and off of whose backs those privileges are afforded. Me included.

In honour of this work, I’m going to be the opposite of what I’ve too often been told to be. I won’t be more ladylike, I won’t stop nagging, I won’t stop making things uncomfortable. I won’t be less opinionated, less revealing, less loud.

Alrighty then. Shall we get to it? Oh wait, one more thing: I’m so happy to have you here. Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts, and please do feel free to call me out at any time. I’m not a perfect intersectional feminist, environmentalist, anti-racist, or human, but I’m always, always eager to learn.

Let’s fucking gooooooo!

PS, If you’re looking for proof of how wildly employable I am, you can view my professional portfolio here.

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